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Kim Gianopoulos as Miranda
Perry Whittle as King Alonso
April Sadowski as Ariel
Bill Young as Ferdinand
David Alexander McDonald as Prospero, Gonzalo, and the shipmaster
Chris Pyle as Caliban
Tim Kelby as Gonzalo
Philip Weber as Sebastian
Michael Liebmann as Antonio
Daniel Munson as Trinculo
Jerry Crawford as Stefano
Melissa Johnson as Iris
Elaine Barrett as Juno
Ara Pelodi as Ceres
John Johnson as the boatswain


Written by William Shakespeare
Original music and direction by David Alexander McDonald
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Tilly Bridges


Act Debut Length Link
I November 17, 2008 36:06 Link sm blue.png
II December 15, 2008 31:54 Link sm blue.png
III January 19, 2009 26:24 Link sm blue.png
IV February 16, 2009 18:54 Link sm blue.png
V March 16, 2009 22:57 Link sm blue.png