Episode Description Edit

Ethics, choices and moral quandries that plague your soul! Featuring "Monster!" by V C Morrison and "Mulciber's Vault" by Colin J. Kelly.

Credits Edit

Anna Rodriguez as Student 45
Tom Stitzer as Student 7
Dave Morgan as Student 97
Kathryn Pryde as Student 4
Seth Adam Sher as the Professor
Jason R. Wallace as the Dean


Kristy Plotkin as Abigail
Richard Casto as Dr. Loeb
Hannah Jang-Condell as Dr. Koch
Dave Morgan as Dr. Heckler
Rebecca Thomas as Tech 1
Vincent Morrison as Tech 2

Written by Vincent Morrison

Mulciber’s VaultEdit

Adin Rudd as Travis
Tom Stitzer as Mars
Ryan Putt as C.O.L.E.
Alex Dorman as the Droid Captain

Written by Colin Kelly


Directed by Paul Brueggemann
Shorts edited by Susan Bridges
Wrapper script by Colin Kelly
Story by Colin Kelly and Jack Calk
Edited by Jeffrey Bridges

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Seminar theme by Vincent Morrison

Cover by Frank Harbuck III
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges
Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Jeffrey Bridges

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