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Episode Description[]

Sometimes we miss important calls... and sometimes there's nobody home upstairs. Featuring "Voicemails in the Apocalypse" by Joshua Bridges and "Tracy Shoe: Private Eye" by Anna Rodriguez.


Dan Foster as Alex and Thomas
Adin Rudd as Zerash
Kathryn Pryde as Alice

Tracy Shoe: Private Eye[]

James Rossi as Tracy Shoe
Abner Senires as Billy
Julia Eve as the Angry Newsie
Paul Brueggemann as Suspect 1 and 2

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Voicemails in the Apocalypse[]

Julia Eve as Gina
J Roberts as Jake
Melissa Bartell as Kat
Walter Mack as Jordan
Paul Brueggemann as the News Anchor

Written by Joshua Bridges


Directed by Paul Brueggemann
Assistant Director Vincent Morrison
Shorts edited by Tilly Bridges
Wrapper story and script by Kathryn Pryde
Edited by Tilly Bridges

All other music by Kevin MacLeod
Seminar theme by Vincent Morrison
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Tilly Bridges
Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Tilly Bridges




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