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Tythia has it out with Hooks, Socks goes home and Richards will not be stopped!

Credits Edit

Pete Milan as Tommy Arkell
Perry Whittle as Hooks
Kathryn Pryde as Tythia
James Rossi as Prok
M Sieiro Garcia as Major
Rene Christine Jones as Socks
Bryan Reid as Zeff
Mindy Rast-Keenan as Emily
Channe Nolen as Devi
Mike Winters as Richards
Paul Lavelle as Brannis
Richard Casto as Aldo
Chris Morgan as the clerk
Libby Davis as the woman
Dave Morgan as the man
Michael Liebmann as the computer
Kevin Schwabe as the police officer
and Hannah Jang-Condell, Adam Lebin, Logan Nance, Patrick Lewis, Anna Rodriguez, Paul Brueggemann and Jared Page as the patrons

Written by Rene Christine Jones
Story by Jeffrey Bridges, with Susan Bridges, Rene Christine Jones, Pete Milan, Perry Whittle and Jared Page

Kingery Theme by Tom Stitzer
All other music by Kevin MacLeod
Directed by Paul Brueggemann, Jeffrey Bridges, and Susan Bridges
Produced by Pendant Productions 
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

The Kingery created by Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges, Macalla Eaton, John Hardin and Theresa J. McGarry

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