Episode Description Edit

Madeleine makes things extra difficult for Tommy and Julie seeks alternative employment opportunities. Regina maintains a vigil and Devi tries to work out some of her issues.

Credits Edit

John Howard as the cop
Jovian Lab as the casino patron
Bruce Busby as Raoul
Ray Kuykendall as Lee
Jane Parrish as Regina
Marleigh Norton as the freighter pilot
Alicia Laine Matheson as Madeleine Gray
Kim Gianopoulos as Ingar
Heather Frizzell as Julie
Michael King as Shimizu
Pete Milan as Tommy Arkell
Micheal McCaskill as Adam Sheppard
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as the nurse
Carl Glassmeyer as Asa
Lexy Rawle as Devi
And Kathryn Pryde as Tythia

Written by Theresa J. McGarry
Story by Jeffrey Bridges, with Neal Bailey, Susan Bridges, 
Theresa J. McGarry, Pete Milan and Seth Adam Sher

Original music composed by David Alexander McDonald
Directed by James Tyler
Assistant Director Perry Whittle 
Cover art by Nick Hadley 
Produced by Pendant Productions 
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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