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We're on the YouTubes! Should that be a thing you're into. And we've received 19 total nominations in the 2016 Parsec Awards, congrats to all our fellow nominees and thanks to everyone who nominated us! The website was tweaked (fixed, if you want to be technical about it...), "Active Radioactive Radio" gets an assistant director, and be sure you stop by and check out the Valiant Central podcast episode 69 for more "Archer & Armstrong" audio drama news! We've got preview trailers for "The Kingery" episode 8x08, "Antony and Cleopatra" act V in "The Pendant Shakespeare", and "Seminar" episode 69, as well as an exclusive preview clip of "Active Radioactive Radio" episode 4, while Jordan and Pete Milan discuss fatigue, Starbucks and sandwiches by the phone!

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