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Hey hey, "Seminar" is racking up the Parsec Awards! We've won two more, for Bext Speculative Fiction Magazine Podcast, and for Best Speculative Fiction Story Small Cast Short Form, for the featured short "O'Malley's Media Storm" by Vincent Morrison! Celebrate whydontcha! We've also got news on the Valiant Comics' "Archer & Armstrong" show as it steamrolls through production, so get those goodies within! We've got preview trailers for "The Kingery" episode 8x02, "Comedy of Errors" act IV in "The Pendant Shakespeare", and "Seminar" episode 65, as well as an exclusive preview clip of "Henderson and Havner" episode 13! Jordan and Dave Morgan discuss forgetting smoothies and big burgers while being very tights-wearing!n Getcher TWIP audio today! Mmm, grape!

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