Episode Description Edit

When the unexpected happens, how you react can make all the difference in the world. Featuring "Three Apples in the Basement" by V.C. Morrison and "Metabolized Heroics" by Landon Beall.

Credits Edit

Kathryn Pryde as Alice
Adin Rudd as Zerash

Three Apples in the Basement Edit

Eleri Hamilton as FATIMA
Andre Vernot as DOUG
Julia Eve as RACHEL
Victor Aguilar as PHIL

Written by V. C. Morrison

Metabolized Heroics Edit

Hannah Jang Condell as MORGAN
Adam Blanford as RANDY
James Rossi as INVESTOR
V. C. Morrison as BARTENDER
Zane Sexton as CHAIRPERSON
Morgan Z Sowell as LEE ROY
Lilith Saintcrow as FIREFIGHTER
Mal Collins as RESCUEE
Kathryn Gilstrap as SCREAMER

Written by Landon Beall

Production Edit

Directed by V.C. Morrison
Assistant Director by Samantha Reed
Shorts edited by Jeffrey Bridges
Wrapper story and script by Kathryn Pryde
Edited by Jeffrey Bridges

Music by Kevin MacLeod and V.C. Morrison
Seminar theme by V.C. Morrison
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges
Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Jeffrey Bridges

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