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Relationships suffer as realizations dawn, and the Kingery goes into lockdown as Tom's reality shatters around him!

Credits Edit

Pete Milan as Tommy Arkell
Carl Glassmeyer as Asa
M Sieiro Garcia as Major
Rene Christine Jones as Socks
Bryan Reid as Zeff
Alicia Laine Matheson as Madeleine Gray
Channe Nolen as Devi
Kathryn Pryde as Tythia
Perry Whittle as Hooks
Bernadette Groves as Cassandra Arkell
Ashwath Ganesan as Kaylock
Dave Morgan as Sammo
Patrick Lewis as Jackie
Anna Rodriguez as Helen
Jared Page as Chris
Mindy Rast-Keenan as Jill

Written by Pete Milan
Story by Jeffrey Bridges, with Susan Bridges, Rene Christine Jones, Pete Milan, Perry Whittle and Jared Page

Original music composed by David Alexander McDonald
Directed by Christopher Stadther
Assistant Director Jared Page
Cover art by Nick Hadley
Produced by Pendant Productions 
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

The Kingery created by Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges, Macalla Eaton, John Hardin and Theresa J. McGarry

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