Episode Description Edit

In the post apocalyptic wasteland, a strange salesman offers exactly what two survivors want most in the world. Featuring "Fights in a Burning House" by Jason R. Wallace.

Credits Edit

Kristen Bays as Instructor
Kristen Bays as Tutor
M Sieiro Garcia as Student 29
Perry Whittle as Student 33
Bruce Busby as Master Control Program

Fights in a Burning HouseEdit

Russell Gold as Tinder
Sara Mackenzie as Sulphur
Jason R. Wallace as Voland

Written by Jason R. Wallace


Written by Bernadette M. Groves and Colin Kelly
Directed by Paul Brueggemann
Shorts edited by Susan Bridges
Wrapper edited by Jeffrey Bridges

Music by Vincent Morrison and Kevin McLeod
Seminar theme composed by David Alexander McDonald

Cover art by Frank Harbuck III
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges
Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Jeffrey Bridges

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