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Jose Donado as King Richard II
Edward Herman as John of Gaunt
Jason R. Wallace as Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk and the Bishop of Carlisle
Natalia Orlovsky as the Duchess of Aumerle
Laura Bramblette as the Duchess of Gloucester
Christopher Gilstrap as Henry Bolingbroke
Alexis Agolsove as Green and the Captain
Kristen Bays as Bushy and The Lady
Julia Eve as Lady Marshal
Vincent Morrison as the Earl of Northumberland
Pete Lutz as Lord Ross
Gareth Severn as the Duke of York
Adam Blanford as Lord Willoughby and Lord Berkeley
Olivia Steele as the Queen
Susan Evind as Henry Percy
Jordan Hass as Bagot
Dave Morgan as the Earl of Salisbury

Jordan Hass as the First Herald
Lisa Michaud as the Second Herald and the Gardener
James Rossi as the Servant and Sir Stephen Scroop


Written by William Shakespeare, adapted for Audio by Landon Beall
Directed by George Linfield
Assistant Director Joel Rowan

Music by Kevin MacLeod of

Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Tilly Bridges


Act Debut Length Link Commentary
I Part 1 December 12, 2018 18:50 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
I Part 2 January 16, 2019 24:24

Link sm blue.png

Link sm blue.png
II Part 1 February 13, 2019 20:10

Link sm blue.png

II Part 2 March 13, 2019 21:12

Link sm blue.png

III April 10, 2019 36:55 Link sm blue.png