Episode Description Edit

Julie returns to the Kingery and Regina does some soul-searching. Sheppard asks Tommy for a favor and Roberts tries to find a way to connect with the opposite sex.

Credits Edit

Heather Frizzell as Julie
Perry Whittle as Hooks
Alicia Laine Matheson as Madeleine Gray
Susan Bridges as Sarah
John Howard as the man
Kim Gianopoulos as Jenny
Jane Parrish as Regina
Paul Lavelle as Officer Brannis
Pete Milan as Tommy Arkell
Jovian Lab as Adam Sheppard
Andrew Eckhart as Roberts
Robin Carlisle as woman 1
Marleigh Norton as woman 2
Seth Adam Sher as the bartender
Mark Zaricor as Fix
and Ara Pelodi as the prostitute

Written by Seth Adam Sher
Story by Jeffrey Bridges, with Neal Bailey, Susan Bridges, 
Theresa J. McGarry, Pete Milan and Seth Adam Sher

Original music composed by David Alexander McDonald
Directed by Perry Whittle
Cover art by Nick Hadley 
Produced by Pendant Productions 
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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