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If fairy tales came to life, there’s only one place that they could find a home… Las Vegas!

Production Comments[]

I suppose my writing bug began when I couldn't get into the advanced acting class in high school, so I took Playwrighting/Directing instead. I ended up being the most prolific student in the class, producing about four plays to everyone else's one. I loved writing!

Fast forward a few years where I meet Rene Jones in a creative writing class in college. She found out I write romance and voila! Instant friends. ^_^

During the course of this class, she wrote two short stories which ended up being the premise for a book series, which we are still working on. With us both having a preoccupation with fairy tales since we were little, we decided to take classic tales, dress them up for modern day, and weave them together for an adult crowd. It was (and is) some of the most steamy stuff I've ever written! (Whew!)

Fast forward a little more where I end up living with the lovely and talented Julie Goldstein, whom I of course admire for her versatile voice talent. She tells me that the radio group she's involved in, Pendant Audio (.com!), is having a casting call. Long story, longer... I was cast and my future with Pendant began.

For a couple of years, I had been limited by a leg injury which prevented me from persuing acting much further and I believed it to be a lost art to me. Getting involved with Pendant fed my creativity and brought back something very precious in my life. For that, I will always be grateful to Julie, Seth, and Tilly. I adore all things Pendant, in my mind, they truly set the standard for radio drama as a whole.

So nearly a year passes... Pendant is introducing new shows to the fold. I start to get the writing bug again. Tilly loved the idea of adapting our "fairy tales" for audio and the possibilities for such a show seemed just about endless to me.

It's definitely different from the other Pendant shows as far as subject matter, having more of a fantasy edge than sci-fi, focusing more on the relationships (and of course, the sex) with the fantasy adding in a sense of suspense. And *definitely* risque in language and just about everything else... A sweet and very decadent treat to indulge in, if I do say so myself!

And so, here I am! The co-creator, co-writer, and director of mine and Rene's "baby." With all the naughty things we have in store, this is looking to be one exciting ride... Won't you come along? ^_^

Alicia Laine Matheson Co-creator, co-writer and director, "Once Upon a Time in Vegas"


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Audio Drama[]

Chapter Title Debut Length Link Commentary
1 Once Upon a Time August 17, 2007 24:35
2 Beer Goggles and Red Coats September 14, 2007 21:52
3 Straying from the Path October 19, 2007 24:48
4 The Premiere November 16, 2007 23:31
5 The First Ball December 7, 2007 24:01
6 Who's The Fairest... January 18, 2008 19:44
7 Intersection February 15, 2008 23:23
8 Dinner and Dominance March 14, 2008 22:19
9 Crossroads April 18, 2008 24:46
10 The Change Begins May 16, 2008 23:52
11 Runaway June 13, 2008 21:31
12 The Woodsman and the Wolf July 18, 2008 20:33
13 Prologue September 12, 2008 25:22
14 What You Are October 17, 2008 28:10
15 Ruined Shoes November 14, 2008 19:02
16 My Lunch with Philip December 12, 2008 27:32
17 The Face of Evil January 16, 2009 17:00
18 In Hiding February 13, 2009 22:42
19 Homecoming March 13, 2009 18:48
20 The Second Ball April 17, 2009 22:02
21 Something Real May 15, 2009 27:18
22 Secrets June 12, 2009 21:14
23 The Last Ball July 17, 2009 28:31
24 If The Shoe Fits August 14, 2009 39:58
25 Therapy December 11, 2009 29:23
26 Revelations January 15, 2010 31:45
27 Apples to Ashes February 12, 2010 22:30
28 Full Circle March 19, 2010 18:44
29 Wake Up Call April 16, 2010 25:29
30 Contact May 14, 2010 20:20
31 Hidden Messages June 18, 2010 21:38
32 Fear July 16, 2010 21:50
33 Cold Feet August 13, 2010 24:38

Nominations and Awards[]

Year Host Award Recipient(s)
2007 Pendys Best Supporting Actor in "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" Susan Bridges as Teri
2008 Parsec Awards Best Audio Drama Long Form Finalist
2008 Pendys Best Cover Artist for a Pendant Production Julie Lindsey
2008 Pendys Best Supporting Actor in "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" Lexy Rawle as Chloe
2008 Pendys Best Original Music in a Pendant Production Kevin McLeod for "The Fairy Tale Waltz"
2008 Pendys Best Pendant Production Once Upon a Time in Vegas
2009 Pendys Best Supporting Actor in "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" Susan Bridges as Teri
2010 Pendys Best Supporting Actor in "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" Susan Bridges as Teri