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Pete Milan as Macbeth
David Ault as Macduff
Mindy Rast-Keenan as Lady Macbeth
Natasha Damaroth as their Son
Edward Herman as Duncan
Kathryn Pryde as Banquo and Hecate
Karen Kahler as Ross
Adam Bell as the Porter
Chris Hackney as Lennox
Chris Brittain as Malcolm
Nick Rowley as the Old Man
Perry Whittle as Donalbain and Second Apparition
James Rossi as Fleance and Third Apparition
Ashwath Ganesan as Angus
Jack Calk as Angus
Amby Leigh as the First Witch and Third Murderer
Kristen Bays as the Second Witch and First Murderer
Beth Freely as the Third Witch and Second Murderer
Vincent Morrison as the Sergeant and First Apparition
Dave Morgan as the Messenger
Seth Adam Sher as Siward
Anna Rodriguez as Menteith
Lyn Cullen as Caithness
Paul Bruggeman as Young Siward
Jason Wallace as Seyton
Justin Young as the Doctor
Jill Wentzel as the Gentlewoman


Written by William Shakespeare, adapted for Audio by Colin Kelly and Kathryn Pryde
Script analysis and dramaturgy by Kathrn Pryde
Directed by Colin Kelly
Music by Kevin McLeod and Musopen Symphony Orchestra
Shakespeare theme by Pavel Zuk of
Cover art by Damian Haywood
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Tilly Bridges


Act Debut Length Link Commentary
I November 14, 2012 28:08 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
II December 12, 2012 19:49 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
III January 16, 2013 25:50 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
IV February 13, 2013 25:26 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
V March 13, 2013 21:53 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
I-V May 1, 2013 1:56:52 Link sm blue.png