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Tommy and Tythia uncover more secrets, while Hooks makes a confession to Officer Gray and Sheppard prepares his flock!

Credits Edit

Pete Milan as Tommy Arkell
M Sieiro Garcia as Major
Lexy Rawle as Devi
Alicia Laine Matheson as Madeleine Gray
Perry Whittle as Hooks
Kathryn Pryde as Tythia
Jovian Lab as Adam Sheppard
Jane Parrish as Regina
Andrew Eckhart as Roberts
Melissa Johnson as Francesca
M.J. Cogburn as Isabella
Mike Winters as the computer voice
Ara Pelodi as Mac the bartender
Bill Fisher as the elderly man
Kristen Bays as the elderly woman
and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Marleigh Norton, Colin D. Snow, Jovian Lab, Bill Fisher, Alicia Laine Matheson, 
Kathryn Pryde, Paul Lavelle, Kim Gianopoulos, John Howard, Jared Page, Marc Steven Guttman, Kristen Bays, Lexy Rawle and Ara Pelodi as the crowd

Written by Seth Adam Sher and Alicia Laine Matheson
Story by Jeffrey Bridges, with Neal Bailey, Susan Bridges, Theresa J. McGarry, Pete Milan and Seth Adam Sher

Original music composed by David Alexander McDonald
Directed by Perry Whittle
Cover art by Nick Hadley 
Produced by Pendant Productions 
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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