Episode Description Edit

Jacob and Clint both reach the end of the line, with drastically different results. Sometimes the help of a friend (or lack thereof) can make you... or break you.

Featuring "Spaced Out" and "The Good Samaritan".

Credits Edit

Mike Winters as the Instructor
Jeffrey Bridges as Student One
Kathryn Pryde as Student Four

Spaced OutEdit

James Rossi as Jacob
Paul Lavelle as Abner

Written by Kristy Plotkin

The Good SamaritanEdit

Michael King as the Bartender
Chris Gumprich as the Patron
Bill Young as Clint
Abner Senires as Morris
Colin Kelly as William
Jovian Lab as Wakeman
M. Sieiro Garcia as Erica
Melissa Johnson as Keith
Jim Whitt as Thug 1
Bill Fisher as Thug 2
Corvil Howells as Thug 3

Written by Frank Harbuck III


Written by Kathryn Pryde
Directed by Marrcus Beattie
Assistant director Kathryn Pryde

Seminar theme composed by David Alexander McDonald

Cover art by Loran Skinkis
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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