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Construct A Hypothesis is the 84th episode of Seminar_.

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 Episode Description[]

Stressful situations can sometimes bring out the best in us... but just as often can cause a complete breakdown. Featuring "Odyssey One" by Jair Kornegay and "False Vacuum" by James Rossi!

Credits []

Kathryn Pride as Alice
Dan Foster as Alex

False Vacuum[]

Andre Vernot as Professor
Kaitlyn Kliman as Visitor

Written by James Rossi

Odyssey One[]

Loren Walton as Captain
Lisa Michaud as Dalia
Eleeice Krawiec as Dr Rebecca Flores
Tom Fellas as Rick
Adam Blanford as Summers

Written by Jair Kornegay


Directed by V.C. Morrison
Assistant Director by Samantha Reed
Shorts edited by Tilly Bridges
Wrapper story and script by Kathryn Pryde
Edited by Tilly Bridges

Day of Chaos and Lost Frontier by Kevin Macleod
Additional music and Seminar theme by V. C. Morrison

Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Tilly Bridges
Seminar co-created by Kathryn Pryde and Tilly Bridges

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