Episode Description Edit

How well does the Instructor understand comedy, or for that matter, warm caffeinated beverages? Spontaneous inquiry: what is humor?

Featuring "Black Joe Coffee" and "Coffee Break".

Credits Edit

Sue Jenkins as the Instructor
Jeffrey Bridges as Student 1

Black Joe CoffeeEdit

Susan Bridges as Christine
Matthew Woods as Brian
Mike Winters as Doug
Amanda Fitzwater as Gloria
Sue Jenkins as Kimberlee
David Ault as Trainer 1
John Lowry as Trainer 2
Perry Whittle as the Elderly Man
And Perry Whittle, Amanda Fitzwater, Susan Bridges, M. Sieiro Garcia, Erika Stokes, John Lowry, Steve Anderson, David Ault, Jason Hackett and Brendan O'Reilly as the Trainees

Written by Daniel Sensenbach

Coffee BreakEdit

Erika Stokes as Cindy
M. Sieiro Garcia as Juanita
Jason Hackett as Duane
Steve Anderson as Chuck

Written by Brad Reed


Written and directed by Kathryn Pryde
Edited by Jeffrey Bridges

Original music composed by David Alexander McDonald

Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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