Episode Description Edit

A Russian is assassinated by an American, which makes headaches for the British, and just what happens when you're adrift in space, waiting for rescue? Some things there's no escape from.

Featuring "Costigan" and "Escape Pod".

Credits Edit

Sue Jenkins as the Instructor
Seth Adam Sher as Student 3
Tom Stitzer as Student 7


Tom Backus as Wilson
Jeremiah McCoy as Devrenko
Daron Harris as First Man
Lee Sands as Second Man and Dr. Watkins
Fiona Thraille as Annie
Chip Joel as Bellowes
David Ault as Costigan
David Alexander McDonald as Herne
Tim Kelby as Otter

Written by Stephen E. McDonald

Escape PodEdit

Scotty Vinnacombe as Darwin
And Kim Gianopoulos as Mary

Written by Seth Adam Sher


Written and directed by Kathryn Pryde

Original music composed by David Alexander McDonald

Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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