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Anna Rodriguez as Antony
Finn M-K as Octavius Caesar
Adin Rudd as Lepidus
Rachel Wallace as Cleopatra
Matthew Hocking as Pompey
Chris Pyle as Demetrius
Phil Mayes as Philo
Andrew Hackley as Domitius Enobarbus
Maureen Boutilier as Erato
Phil Mayes as Scarus
Mindy Rast-Keenan as Dercetas and the Attendant
Kyle Garrett as Mecaenas
Michael Purgar as Agrippa
Rachelle Heger as Dolabella
Kristen Bays as Proculeia
Jordan Gottlieb as Thyreus
Jeremiah McCoy as Menecrates
Rikki Wright as Menas
Eric Matthews as Varrius and Third Soldier
Paige Thulin as Diomedes and Chairman
Amber Leigh as Iras and First Servant
Will Shipley as Alexas
Dave Morgan as Mardian and the Clown
Rich Burgess as Otto and the Second Servant
Vincent Morrison as the Soothsayer
Kyle Garrett as Seleucus
David Ault as the Soldier
Bree Page as the First Soldier
Temporary Butterfly as the Second Soldier
Melissa Bartell as the Messenger
Hannah Jang-Condell as the First Guard
Dominique Chouinard as the Second Guard


Written by William Shakespeare, adapted for Audio by Landon Beall and Colin Kelly
Directed by Landon Beall 
Assistant Director Swen Halverson

Music by zero-project of 
Additional music by The United States Army Band 'Pershing's Own' and Landon Beall of

Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Tilly Bridges


Act Debut Length Link Commentary
I January 13, 2016 36:48 Link sm blue.png Link sm blue.png
II February 10, 2016 49:03

Link sm blue.png

Link sm blue.png
III Part 1 March 9, 2016 24:17

Link sm blue.png

Link sm blue.png
III Part 2 April 13, 2016 36:02

Link sm blue.png

Link sm blue.png
IV May 11, 2016 52:11

Link sm blue.png

Link sm blue.png
V June 15, 2016 34:15

Link sm blue.png

Link sm blue.png
I-V March 15, 2017 3:32:07 Link sm blue.png