Episode Description Edit

A loud-mouthed caveman attempts to save the future with comic and disastrous results.

Featuring "The Brontosaurus Effect".

Credits Edit

Emma Bowyer-Warner as the Instructor
Seth Adam Sher as Student 3
Brian Oldham as Student 11
Marrcus Beattie as Student 12

The Brontosaurus EffectEdit

Bill Young as Frank Flagstone
Chip Joel as Benny Rumble
Paul Bruggemann as Greg Benson
Lee Sands as Wazoo
Tipp Callier as Mr. Lee Space
Don Price as Mr. Wellcogs
Kim Gianopoulos as Velma Flagstone
M Sieiro Garcia as Bobbie Rumble

Written by Jovian Lab


Directed by Marrcus Beattie
Written by Kathryn Pryde
Edited by Marleigh Norton

Seminar theme composed by David Alexander McDonald

Cover art by Kristy Plotkin
Produced by Pendant Productions
Executive Producer Jeffrey Bridges

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